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February 27, 2015


 (Minutes approved at GCP BOD meeting dated 3/11/2015) 


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at 10 A.M. at the Rotonda Elks Club by President Shirley French.


Proof of Notice being posted was approved.


The following directors were present.

        Shirley French

        Sam Besase

        Terry Adams

        Dave Trost

        Donna McLaughlin

        Michael Gendron

        Ruth Batts

        Tom Ford, Manager - Lighthouse Management




        Discussion centered on what to consider in the selection process for the new management company

               1) Management needs to be accessible and accountable.

               2) Association wants continued control over vendors and contracts.

               3) Technology is necessary for improved communication.

               4) Cost should remain relatively close to what we are currently paying.

               5) How much control do we want the management to have?


        Management Companies to Consider

               1) Argus Property Management

               2) Keys Caldwell, Inc.

               3) Star Hospitality Management, Inc.

               4) The Management Services of Venice

               5) Sunstate Management Co.

               6) Gulf Cove Accounting & Taxes

               7) Sentry Management, Inc.


        The BOD reviewed the Lighthouse agreement by line item to determine a Gulf Cove Point needs assessment to be submitted to potential management companies.


        Schedule for Selection Process (SAM will communicate electronically to all bidders)


               2/28 Final comments/changes from GCP BOD submitted to Sam

               3/1 Sam will submit packages to bidders.

               3/4 Electronic bids are due back to Sam. Will copy to all Directors as received.

               3/5 Board will meet at 9:30 at Elks Club to downselect 3 finalist bidders and notify of their oral interview.

               3/11 Board will meet at 9:00 for oral interviews and immediately following all interviews, will select

                       winning bidder. President will phone winning bidder, Sam will notify losing bidders.




               Rules and Regulations

               Tom Ford stated that we were originally a property owner's association and followed Statute 718.

               We should be following Statute 720. We should seek legal advice in this area. Our documents need to be clearly defined. Board members will seek the names of lawyers that specialize in condo and HOA law.


               Rodent Issues

               There recently have been five reported incidents of rodents in the community. Shirley stated that it has always been the responsibility of the owner to do individual pest control. BOD felt that this did not appear to be isolated incident. Pest control companies should be contacted for solutions and trapping in the community. MIKE will compile a list of vendors and he and TERRY will consult with the selected companies.


               Bulletin Board

               A motion was made by DONNA MCLAUGHLIN that the Board approve the spending of $173.64 to purchase a new weatherproof bulletin board from Amazon.com. Motion was seconded by TERRY ADAMS and motion was unanimously approved.


               Power Washing

               Donna announced that the power washing of select units will take place on March 16 and March17.  

A notice will be placed on the bulletin board as well as given to individual owners.


               Wood Trim

               Jim Turpin will walk through the community with Jim and Sis Griffith on March 5 to evaluate buildings for wood trim repair. A second contractor, Mike Lica Construction will do the same on March 9.


There being no further business, a motion was made by SHIRLEY FRENCH and seconded by DAVE TROST that the meeting be adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:15.


Respectfully submitted by:

Donna McLaughlin - Secretary

March 3, 2015      


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